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Created and directed by master teacher and dancer Fabián Salas, CITA (Congreso Internacional de Tango Argentino) is the most important tango event in the world and the longest running tango meeting in Argentina. From its beginnings in 1999 until today, every year in march reunites in Buenos Aires (tango capital of the world) the best dancers, instructors and professionals of this art form. It brings together tango enthusiasts, aficionados and teachers of every continent, wishing to improve their dance, learn new techniques or simply have fun.

Leader in its kind, it's a constant reference for other events in the entire world. Consists in several classes, seminars, milongas with live music and exhibitions, theatre shows and many other great features which makes  it the #1 choice for tangueros and tangueras all over the world.

Features of CITA 2016

The 18th annual CITA takes place in Buenos Aires the week of March 13-19, 2016.

The most important features of the 18th annual Congreso Internacional de Tango Argentino:

The best Masters & Performers. World's best professional master teachers to learn from.

More than 65 classes for different levels and styles to choose from, including these types: Fundamentals-Structure (Excellent for Beginners) - Nuevo Tango - Salón Style (Traditional) - Milonguero Style (Close Embrace) - Todaro Style (as in Antonio Todaro) - Special classes on different aspects of the dance such as Boleos, Ganchos, Sacadas, Adornments, Rhythm, Musicality, Improvisation, Milonga, Vals, and more...

We also have "Taxi" class partners available that you can hire for classes.

Technique classes every single day!

We even have a Make-up Seminar with Sabrina Tonelli!

We have 3 Milonga Nights...

With the best live music, orchestras, great dj's, local milongueros and tangueras...

And special performances by the best professional dancers of Buenos Aires. Unforgettable shows!

One of the nights includes a costume's contest.

A party out of this world!

And, of course we have an incredible theater show by the Master Teachers.

The most amazing theatre show EVER!

To top it off, we now also have a debate for you to get to know this great dancers a little more.

All organized by us, Fabián & Lola. We've got you covered ;)

Our CITA Admission Pack

It's the most popular CITA Package. Ideal for those wishing  to go a little further, let's you tailor your tango experience to your particular needs.


1 registration

Number of Classes: 15 classes included

Show by the Masters

Milongas with exhibitions: All 3 included

Price for Extra Classes: U$D 30 each additional

Price until Dec. 15, 2015: U$D 525 per person

Price starting Dec. 16, 2015: U$D 560 per person


Previous Members discount:

Previous CITA members will receive a 10% discount on registration price. Please use cupon code PREM at checkout. Eligibility to use cupon code will be verified by Tangopal. If you are not a previous CITA member but you apply the discount code anyway, your registration will not be validated and you will receive a refund with -30% of the amount paid. Discount codes are not combinable with other promotions.


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