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TangoPal, Inc. is a pioneer in innovative online and DVD-based tango training and entertainment.

Ranging from casual hobbyists to the most seasoned professionals, our users quickly learn new tango elements and broaden their current knowledge. Narrated in an entertaining format by tango experts and leading teachers and dancers, our video-based training titles are critical tools for anyone wanting to learn tips, techniques, and best practices from the most respected names in the field.

Our products

Nowadays, we are offering a complete series of instructional DVDs and very soon we will be releasing our online player for tango training and entertainment!

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There is also available a full collection CITA DVDs. For more info, click here or on the images below.


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TangoPal® was founded in 2009 by Fabián Salas to provide the highest quality online tango instruction and shows. Using his previous knowledge obtained through erlier sites such as Cosmotango® (1999) and Tango Dynamics® (2001), and with 25 years of teaching experience, Fabian delivers here the best instruction, interviews, shows and more....


Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is right at the Tango's heart.


TangoPal is a privately held company.

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For inquires, email: info@tangopal.com